Answering the most pressing questions.

01 How to start my trading journey?

First, you select the desired educational course in the “Plans” section to get started. Second, you pay for the training. Then, you register on our website to access classes in your personal account called “Student’s area”.

02 What courses do you offer?

Our lessons provide for four different trading levels:

Beginner Course

This course is aimed at individuals with no prior knowledge of trading who are looking to either begin a career in finance or effectively manage and secure their finances.

Advanced (Technical) Course

Tailored for traders with a foundational understanding, this course focuses on honing advanced technical analysis tools to enhance the precision of trading decisions.

Advanced (Fundamental) Course

Crafted for traders who have grasped the basics, this course delves into fundamental analysis, empowering participants to make informed and strategic trading choices.

Expert (Strategies) Course

Designed for seasoned traders, this course equips participants with diverse strategies and advanced execution skills to excel in the most complex market scenarios.

You can find out more about our educational Plans here.

03 What is the schedule?

All lessons are available 24/7 during your membership period. Thus, you can organise your schedule for watching training videos! Does it sound like a plan?

04 Is there any duration for the courses?

Each Plan has different lessons depending on the student’s knowledge level and the course they choose (Beginner, Advanced (Technical), Advanced (Fundamental), or Expert (Strategies). The course duration is individual, so you can always stop and rewatch the video again. At Adhitan, no one pushes you!

05 How long are the course videos available?

Students have access to materials for 12 months.

06 Can I combine study with work or university?

Yes, of course! Only you influence your schedule! Since the courses are available at any time, you are free to watch them when convenient. However, we recommend you dedicate at least 20 hours a week to quality information assimilation.

07 What is the price of the training?

Depending on your Plan, the cost will be from 250 to 3500 euros.

08 Is there an age limit for education at Adhitan?

The lower threshold is 18 full years. There is no upper age limit.

09 In which language do you provide the training?

All materials, tasks, quizzes, etc., for learning, are provided in English. The recommended level of English is Intermediate.

10 Do you offer a trial lesson?

Yes, we do! You can order a trial lesson for free to explore our academy, mentors, and learning process to get to know us better.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can leave your email and message here: